Spot Market

Spot forex trading is the purchase and sale of contracts that take place immediately and are dependent on the price at the time.

Currency Derivatives

Currency derivatives are futures and option contracts that let you purchase or sell certain amounts.

Cross Forex Trading

Cross-currency futures contracts are now available on exchanges according to the Reserve Bank of India.

About Arvind’s Trading Academy

About Arvind's Trading Academy

One of the greatest Forex instructors in Chennai, Mr. Arvind teaches highly suggested new trading techniques. With 16 years of experience, Mr. Arvind founded this trading hub. Mr. Arvind is a highly skilled coach with experience in helping students succeed in finishing their careers. With our Forex Trading Coaching Class, let's trade less and earn more money. Our class is made up of a group of seasoned traders and market analysts with 16 years of professional trading experience, high skills, knowledge, and abilities that work hard to provide new novices with a trustworthy Forex Trading learning opportunity.

forex training class in chennai

Duration of the course


This is a 5 Days Course @ INR Rs.2500. Daily up to 90 minutes class. This is a Private one-on-one class. Learning Forex Trading in Tamil is really simple for anyone to do. NRIs make up the majority of the Tamil clients we have abroad.

Day 1

You will get theoretical knowledge on how the Forex market and other financial markets operate.

Day 2

You will learn how to operate the trading terminal and start trading on a demo account.

Day 3

When to BUY & SELL and how to make high profits in the Forex market.

Day 4

You will get theoretical knowledge on how the Forex market and other financial markets operate.

Day 5

You will learn how to operate the trading terminal and start trading on a demo account.

Best Forex Training Institute in Chennai

Which is the best Forex trading Training Institute in Chennai?

We provide Forex Trading Training in Chennai, Trichy, Coimbatore, and throughout Tamil Nadu. We are the best Forex Training in Chennai. We offer a one-stop shop for all your forex trading in Chennai, Fx Spot Trading Training Center, forex training center, forex trading course, and currency trading training needs.

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Forex Trading Course Benefits

Where to learn forex trading in Tamil and it's advantages?

Forex Trading Course Details with Fees and Duration

Details of the Forex Trading Course:

Location of the Forex Course: Chennai

Direct One-on-One Private courses & Online Classes are available

Course Timings: You can pick the times that work best for you. The hours of operation for our training center are 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Languages used in the Forex Trading Course: 1) Tamil, 2) Hindi, and 3) English

Forex Trading Course for disabilities: Yes, we offer a forex trading course for people with disabilities, such as those who have impaired vision, are deaf and dumb, etc.

Forex Trading Course Duration: 90 minutes is the daily duration of the forex trading course.

Total Duration of Forex Trading Course: The course will go for a total of 5 days.

Fast Track Course available for Outstation Clients

It is a One-on-One Personal Training Forex Course, whether in a group or individually. Group lessons are NOT something we deal with.

Forex Training Mode: Both online and offline delivery options are available for forex training courses.

After-course assistance: YES

Forex Class in Chennai - Modes Of Course

1. Individual Training

Direct CLass ( One on One Session )

2. Online Live Courses

online class

Online Class ( One on One Session )

We help you to know more about Forex

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We appreciate this coaching centre very much for providing us with expert information updates through their capable staff. a precise level of comfort to succeed in life.



Thank you for the amazing opportunity; everyone who wants to do something in life should take advantage of this training. A class that was helpful also had the best trainer and crew.



Sincere appreciation to the group that has helped us succeed in this digital age. The breadth of the stock market as well as the staff's kindness and peace-mindedness as well as their knowledge and expertise struck me.


How to Start Trading Forex? This is a Tamil Forex Trading Training for Newbies.

Learn Forex Trading in Tamil in Simple Steps. A clear road map for making money from online Forex trading is provided by this course. Moreover, I will fully address any questions and this course is continually updated with new information.

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